Saturday, February 21, 2015

Finds - Snow Drifts

This winter has brought lovely (or miserable, if you prefer) weather to all corners of the U.S. Here in Colorado I have been watching with jealousy as the midwest and east coast get buried in piles and piles of snow. This weekend we are finally getting our due, a real storm with inches in the double digits! I'm hoping for a good blanket to cover the state and give us our much needed moisture. To get in the mood I was surfing the white flowing snow covered good of Etsy.
Vintage Postcard from Treasures2Cherish Don't cha' love that car?

 How do I love thee snow day, let me count the ways!

1.) Taking a snow day means sitting inside, bundled up with some tea, and getting crafty. Staying warm while preparing for braving the outside chill.
Fun chunky art yarn from TheBunnyBadger
2.) Or, perhaps making a non-wearable fiber art, some of us do have plenty of hats and scarfs thankyouverymuch.
Lovely minimalist wall art from SarahEichhornDesigns
3.) It's a good day enjoy the warmth and light of a fire, to be reminded that the sun is not, in fact, gone for long. If you don't have a fireplace handy, try a candle.
Sleek, simple, evocative winter candle holder by WishArtGlass

4.) I love any day I get to spend time with my hands. The joy of making and doing, the joy of having warm fingers when it's cold outside. 
Look at this magnificent stone! The swirls of snow, the dark silver, the sparkle. Made by AndewynDesigns

5.) The aftermath. After the storm has passed the sun will return, the fields of snow will sparkle, the icicles will drip from the roof, the earth will be nourished by the melt. The-day-after-the-snow-day has it's own charms!
Fantastically skilled reduction block print from LisaVanMeter 
I hope my readers who are currently snowed in get to embrace the joys of it! Spring is coming soon, and come July when everyone is bitching about the cold I'mma remind them of things they said cursing the snow in February.

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