Saturday, May 18, 2013

Get your Granny on!

 I just reached the first great crochet milestone (well, after learning what HDC means), Granny Squares! Such a simple thing, with endless variations, and so much potential!. It makes great use of small amounts of yarn, and creates vibrant color swatches.

I learned the technique in my year-long afghan class, and the squares are piling up in shades of green. But I've never been able to focus that well...
 I received, via a de-stash chain, this box of wonderful hand-dyed yarns. Some are a nubby thick and thin, some a simple worsted. All of them have exciting color pallets, and combined they just sing. Each ball seemed to be a slightly different size, and no ball was big enough for any major projects.
So, thru the magic of granny squares, these great colors are getting stirred into a colorful afghan! The squares are popping out fast, I already have quadrupled them since taking these photos. Of course, at the end I'll have to stitch them all together.... Ugh.

Do you have fond memories of granny square blankets, or that famous 70's vest?


Sheila said...

But you can just crochet them all together, right? I'm doing a little crocheting myself! You might enjoy Attic24, she designs fun stuff! I'm making a granny stripe blanket based on her pattern :)

Pink said...

I'm not sure that crocheting them together is any faster than sewing? I will likely add a uniform edging on all of them anyway.

Sheila said...

For me it would be faster! But you have always been faster at sewing than me, so it might be all the same to you.