Friday, May 3, 2013

Finds - Spring has Sprung

The trees are finally greening around here, even with late snow storms passing thru they just cannot wait! I've been springing up the house to get in a flowery mood. Here's some Etsy pics to get you in the mood too!
Spring Birch - 2011 - 6 3/4 x 10 - Ink and Colored Pencil on Paper
Illustration by TonySheltonFineArt.
Add a 'welcome' to your front door with Forsythia, Wreath by ATPitman.

Bring the carpet of fresh greens inside with this crochet rag rug by TupperRugs.

Funky Handknit sweater by Tasssha, with pops of bright color and wild buttons!
DK Organic Merino "Spring Fever" Light Green, Yellow, Blue
Or, make your own spring time lovely, hand-dyed yarn by Gynx.

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