Friday, May 10, 2013

First Harvest - Radishes

I picked my first radish today. Ok, picked is a bit of a fib, the root was hanging almost entirely out of the ground, and I couldn't resist that rosy red tuber! It's been very rainy and strangely cool, so the radishes are growing quickly and not getting tough or too spicy.

In fact, I ate the whole thing. I couldn't resist munching a leaf while I ran inside to show my boyfriend.
"Oh!... Congratulations?"
*Munch munch munch*

I love the delicate spice of these (French Breakfast Radish, if you're wondering why it's so long.) and they can grow rather tightly. I'll be pruning out the fastest growers over the next few weeks, and when they are tender enough I eat the greens whole too. You can saute the greens if you don't like the fuzzy leaves, but I wouldn't let a garden fresh radish top go to waste! Or, when I want French Breakfast for breakfast, I slice up the root and leaves and cook them in an omelet with a light cheese.

I also make a light and tasty salad with them. I use a mandolin (The type that slices your fingertips, not the instrument) to finely shred several radishes and a crisp celery stalk. Then dress the veggies with a light vinaigrette and some sesame seeds. Hungry yet?

What's your first fruits of the summer growing season? Do you have a favorite way to eat radishes?

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