Sunday, March 17, 2013

Greening for Spring

 School has been limiting my time for craftiness, it's cramping my style! But I'm still working my way thru projects.

My crochet pattern of the month has made almost 6 squares, and this month's has me itching to get hooking! I've even been a good girl and woven in all my ends each time I finish a square. Which is just evading the final dilemma of what color to trim each square in....
And my knitting needles aren't resting either. This has been my knitting-in-class project for quite some time, this is in fact the third time starting it to get the proper collar/shoulders size ratio. It will be a lovely flowy green caplet if it takes me the rest of the semester! I did plan on wearing it for Eoster next week, yeah right...

Everyone go easy on the whiskey and green beer tonight! Are you crafting for spring?

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