Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer Shawl

At the beginning of March I started a Knit-a-long at the Local Yarn Shop, the Pear Drop Shawl from Ysolda. The first part of the shawl was the lace edging, it seemed to take forever! It was nice to have the group knitting it tho, it made me feel competitive and I was knitting very determinedly. That's Malabrigo lace yarn in case you're wondering.
After 26 repeats, you pick up stitches along the edge and knit in. It goes faster and faster as you get towords the center of course, and one gets very eager to finish it up! Then I washed and blocked it. (I know, I never block stuff! But this is lace, it needs it) This is me pulling the little lace points out just as far as they will go. Yes, I am blocking it on my couch, it worked wonderfully... until the cats came and started pulling pins out.
And then, you put it on and enjoy a brisk spring day! It came out very small, I guess I knit tightly. I was making the large size and it came out in the small size. It makes a nice hipster scarf tho, or a little cover for your shoulders. Just perfect for summer! I also barely used the second ball of yarn I bought, so I have enough left over for another small project. I think little fingerless gloves...
Knit it the sunshine, enjoy knits in the sunshine. I don't retire my needles just because it's warm outside! What's your latest finished project?

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Karen said...

It is beautiful! That shade of green is one of my favorites.