Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finds - Earth Spirits

As the Season turns, and we mark Earth Day and Earth Week and Earth Month (what about all year for the mother?) Here's some lovely finds from the Pagan Team and others on Etsy marking the Earth Spirits we find all around us. Inspiring art work from ChristinamCallister.

The lovely roots of this cedar box encourage you to look deep into the world and draw out what you need! Lovely laser made wood work from AlaskaLaserMaid.

The spirit of the Earth Mother can help you calm and center to embrace the fertility of spring! Charged herb blend from SandiEnchantedGarden.

Invite some wildkin over for tea! This simple teapot would be at home in a dainty parlor or a woodland picnic. A marvelous creation from AntB.

A delicate bloom of colors with sparkle and shine. Hand-dyed bracelet from AnjaliCreations evoking the spirits of the world.

The welcoming sight of a full moon rising into a evening sky, the tree of life casting it's shadow. This Pendant from CircleintheWood has the fire and spark of the Earth Spirit.

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Ant said...

Fabulous finds! I just love them, esp. the tree pendant! Thank you for the feature!