Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seeds You Need

Need inspiration for next year's garden? Perhaps a gift for the veggie lover in your life? Want to support heirloom seed preservation and a 225 year old company? My attention has been drawn to the current plight of the D.Landreth Seed Company...
The company changed hands 7 years ago, and was returned to a profitable sustainable business, however to acquire the company the current owners had to borrow. Their debts were called in recently, and they are struggling to face down the sum. In order to keep the company running they are hoping to sell catalogs, and in turn those catalogs will lead to future sales!
Why should we care? First off, small seed companies help keep things competitive and put seeds into the hands of home and small-plot gardeners. Secondly, unusual varieties and regionally adapted cultivars and increasingly difficult to find, companies like this work to maintain biodiversity in our food stocks. Take a moment to read their predicament, spend $5.45 on some excellent garden porn, and perhaps discover a new favorite for your own garden! Or click on the "Chip in" link and toss a few dollars towards them, your mouth may thank you later!

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