Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Costume Season

Isn't it always costume season? It is for me, but I do use Halloween as a time to debut new cosplay pieces, and I often find myself proffering costume help to others.This year I gave this dress another try. Last Halloween I did this dress in turquoise and yellow, but the finished product was not quite as I envisioned it. In fact there was a lot of cursing involved with the sewing process.
So this year I started from scratch - totally new concept drawing, fresh measurements, and cotton broadcloth instead of fussy poly satins. There are two layers, the yellow being entirely structural and shaping the dress; the fuchsia is overlay to create the two-tone design.

There were a few little road blocks, but the finished product is pretty solid! 4-ish hours of cutting and sewing to produce, and I think it will get plenty of wear. One costume down, three to go!
What are you making for Halloween?


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Pixel said...

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Who knows we might even give you some business, Sci-fi business that is.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! I will probably be making my daughters again this year. She was going to be Sakura, then she changed her mind to be a geisha, then she changed her mind that she wants to be a dead doll. She got some "dead eye" contacts from a friend for her birthday, so she went with the dead doll idea. I still think she should be a geisha...with those contacts her eyes look like the girl from "memoirs of a geisha"...and my daughter has that gorgeous blue-black hair to boot!

Pink said...

Interesting Site Pixel, thanks for finding me. Lisa, good thing you didn't finish the costume before she changed her mind, better make sure it's set in stone >.>