Saturday, October 8, 2011

Finds - Squashed

It's that time of year, the produce section begins to feature items that are not for eating, but for decorating. I would rather that all delicious curcubits be served on plates, so here's some alternatives for celebrating this fine food! Pillow by JJMIllustration.

If you need to accouter your table, shy away from the pie pumpkins (they are best used for, yaknow making pie) and consider some non-perishable decor. CatnipStudioToo has a cornucopia of fabulous colorful gourds just right for a feasting centerpiece.

Is there anything lovelier than the gentle golds and rich greens of an acorn squash? Well, perhaps the nutty flavor... This yarn from OtterMoonPatterns captures the tones of a fall meal but with added sparkle. It's a soft wool so don't eat it, just knit with it.

Bedeck your table, and fill a cold set of hands! This wonderful teapot from TerraKiTeaware has nice muted colors, an elegant design, and it will warm your belly in the winter months.

Of course it's not too early to plan for next year, when you've set aside space for hills of Curcubita be sure to mark them with cute signs from CampPineNeedle. It's better than waiting for all your vines to make fruit so you can tell them apart...

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randomcreative said...

Great feature for fall! I love all of the different colors.