Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Spice!

Ripening fruit is arriving from the garden, it's the days of the "First Harvest" so we may as well eat fresh! I've been pulling big juicy tomatoes in, sweet and flavorful. As the season goes along my harvest will become tomato sauce and tomato soups, but right now I want to savor the raw tastes.

I diced the tomatoes coarsely, you can't chop juicy things very small! I then diced up some hot hungarian wax peppers. The picture shows two, but after sampling a bite of this one I decided that one would be enough! I like spice, but I wanted to still taste the other ingredients.

I then added diced cilantro, salt and lime; Spooned the juicy chunks onto chips and sipped a margarita! I ended up with lots of extra juice at the bottom of the bowl, and threw that in rice for dinner. Any idea how to keep salsa from getting too liquid?

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Pearl said...

i, too have unlimited supplies of sun riped tomatoes and peppers this summer. I will try your salsa:-)
p.s. salt makes the tomatoes dehydrated that's why there's too much juice.