Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bike invasion!

This morning my Father came by and we went to see the final laps of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, as the racers rode circles in downtown. This was the sixth day of hard riding, from mountain passes like Monarch to scenic routes like the Lariat Loop and Garden of the Gods these guys have been wearing a hole in their spankies. Firstly, these guys at the end of a long tough ride are still riding 25 miles an hour! Then packs of sag cars and motorcycles are shadowing them, with so much fast moving wheels it's a marvel that there aren't more accidents, I guess that's what makes these guys pros. And while it wasn't sweltering, it was pretty dang hot today, intense stuff for these competitors.
Before and after it was an amazing sight as well, with a major set of streets and intersections closed to cars people were swarming the area on bikes, refreshing to see so many two-wheelers in fact. And I'll never again get to ride down the center of Speer boulevard, unless I have a death wish. Perfect end of summer day!

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