Sunday, July 10, 2011


Firstly let me tell all you readers, my family has an addiction. We cannot, will not, ever, throw away stuff that might possibly be useful. We are borderline hoarders. On the upside, the garage and basement have always had boxes of fabulous old junk to dig thru.

So I decided to pit some of this crap (ahem, I mean interesting junk) to good use and create a non-functioning gadget. Sure I'd love to invent a functioning gadget, but frankly my mastery of space-time concepts doesn't get much past black hole event horizons...
The main object here is a simple wooden box, bought at a hobby shop. I did have to tighten up the corners and all the screws ("Made in China" you get what you paid for) before starting. I stained it with mahogany oil stain and finished it with linseed oil. This is the messy part!

I then cut some decorative parts out of brass sheeting. The metal is fairly easy to work with, but it dulls both razors and scissors fast so always cut metal with junk shears. I created a symbol with a large gear cog and wings - I've decided this is the emblem of "The Royal Exploration Society" and I will wood burn that into the side.

I then hinged a second piece of wood into the top, added handles (from old windows) and a hook set to keep things open. The dial is an old barometer scavenged from my parents' house.
I will continue to add dials, switches, wires and parts as I find them around the house and at estate sales. I will need to antique the new brass so it matches the old brass a little better. I have debated antiquing the entire contraption when it is done, but it makes more sense for me that is has traveled time, and thus despite being made in the 1880's it is only a few years old... right?

I'll post more pictures as it comes together, then we have to decide what it actually does... If you could build an invention what would it do?

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