Friday, July 15, 2011

Finds - Full Moon

Last night's full moon passed thru glowing cloud banks to bathe my yard in it's pale cold light. Even tho it comes once a month I never feel like the illumination last long enough. As the cycle turns I can only wave at the moon goddess knowing she'll return in 4 weeks...

I don't know how one paints on a feather, but ConjourUp does. I am impressed and enthralled... a delicate medium for an ethereal subject?

If you find yourself missing the light at the moon wanes enjoy this hand-sculpted silver cast pendant from Bronzegirl1. The slightly polished surface is a good parallel to the pockmarked moon.

Werewolves beware, one could wear the moons bright face on a shirt and bring it out into the world in broad daylight! This sweet shirt from BlackBirdTees has the detail and contrast to make people howl...

Reflecting light dancing across water, this stained glass piece from DianesGlassWork seems illuminated from within. The soft swirl of colors is captivating, imagine filling a room with this scene by hanging this piece in a window!

The glow of that satellite preserved in wonderful woodgrain. JoshuaRutherford has wonderful wood plaques highlighting the phases of the moon and the arc of the sun, all in native hardwoods with natural finishes.

Am I the only one drawn to that bright light? Seems not... These lovely cards from ScarlettDesign with a large graceful moth using the moon for navigation remind me that other creatures of the woods love the soft glow of moonlight.

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