Friday, April 8, 2011

Finds - Mother of Invention

We all have good ideas, but some people have ideas so good it changes the world! This week's Finds is dedicated to those Inventors who are dreaming big and making messes. And to inspire those bright thoughts, how about this nice bulb print from TheBigHarumph to sit in your creative space?

Want to walk the line between brilliant and absolutely stark raving mad? (What? You aren't already?) Nikola Tesla schooled Edison on running electricity to light bulbs, and then went a little overboard y trying to fill the entire atmosphere with enough electricity to power electrical appliances... safer to stick with wearing this neat buttons from Pinstop...

And how could I do a post without a bicycle? Although, this is not a simple safety bike... This digitally altered ink drawing from BarkingMadArts celebrates inventions, calculations, and thinking on the go! And in causes me to want to try and build such a thing... But best to leave such things to a Victorian Inventor.

Here's to dubious ideas! Who knows what this guy is doing with his walking cart contraption, but he must be enjoying it because he's got his pipe out... Hand embroidered by Waterrose and fitting with decor that is sleek and simple, or the clutter of an inventor's workshop.

Here's a celebration of a communication pioneer and his fabulous mutton chops (that's the facial hair folks). An Alexander Graham Bell doll from UneekDollDesigns pays homage to the father of the telephone and is a neat miniature that almost begs to have a miniature workshop built for it!

And of course, a place for inventions of your own! Because any thing put in a book like this will automatically become a good idea...right? This wonderful handmade tome from GILDBookbinders is sturdy and timeless, perfect for a journal or sketchbook to hold those brilliant thoughts.


Uneekdolldesigns said...

Just had to take a look at the blog, I enjoyed it immensely, thank you for sharing!

Waterrose said...

Love this post! thanks for including me!