Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beltane Fires

The wheel of the year just keeps turning! This weekend marks Beltane, a transition between spring and summer. In many traditions this is a time to hang out all night around a huge bonfire dancing and singing and carrying on. That's right, partying all night is a spiritual event for some pagans, makes you want to play right? Top to Bottom - Beltane greeting cards (even more fun if you have ├╝ber-conservative relatives) by FifthRealmPress. Camp never looked like this! Handsewn Alter cloth honoring the element of fire, from Linemor of Sweden. Fine silver reproduction of a Scythian Deer Brooch from those crazy Germans of Albae. Check out their full collection of metalsmithed goods based on anchient artifacts and techniques!

Beltane was a very important Celtic celebration, and a precursor to Mayday. The maypole and ribbon dance are traced back to it. Purifying and cleansing with the fires and ashes prepare one for the new life that summer brings!
Lovely yarn (with a hint of magic!) from SolsticeYarns in the colors of hot coals. A finely formed and well painted leather owl mask from Teonova, if you want to party all night in style. A bright and lively limited run print from NtheGroove called "Flame of the Dryads" reflecting the energy of the bonfire. Even if you don't enjoy the Beltane tradition, we can all rejoice in the growing blooms and coming summer months. Cheers!

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Eleanor said...

Lovely blog.Happy Beltane :) x