Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tags for Bags

Ever have a moment, when you wish you could call yourself a few years in the past with time-traveler warnings or advice? I would tell myself to invest in sew-in labels for my bags! It's hard to believe I got this far with thinking about them, but when I noticed a tag on an item my Father had bought from local seller Kiwi and Company I realized the huge benefit to having a permanent link to an item.
I looked around on Etsy, and settled on printed tags from MommieMadeIt. She did the artwork (to my specs of course) and created them. Neat and well made they look good in my bags and will help people get a hold of me to enact the lifetime guarantee or to become a repeat customer (which is the best type). Now I have begun the long process of sewing them into all my bags, another reason I wish I had thought of this sooner ...

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