Friday, March 4, 2011

Finds - March-ing On

This time of year the garden is thawing, the wind makes the sky a pale tone, and little flowers are beginning to creep forth. Here's my Etsy finds for the week, in pale green with flowers - just like this awesome print from WinterBlues!

That light aqua tone of fine celadon ceramics reminds be of both the spring sky and the new growth. This cute little bowl from DarriellesClayArt with bird perched on the edge is both functional and sublime.

Here's some lovely work in an old craft, tatted lace jewelry from KrystleDawne in light green and chartreuse. Modern looking objects done with vintage methods, and folks will keep asking how they are made!

More goodness you can wear, this brooch has two of my favorite things - vintage buttons and felt! (Look at those crisp folds in the petals) DorothyDesigns has this flower pins to complement any outfit.

Crafty yummies... hand dyed shimmery tussah silk from NoTwoSnowflakes. Soft pale green and tan with a touch of light pink gives these a faded feel for a delicate project.

And for those who sew - this lovely little traditional style crocheted pincushion in pale sage is for you! Namolio hand crocheted this from linen thread and has adorable little pillows in many other colors too.

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Karen said...

I love the greens! It makes me wish I'd had those crocheted flowers when my daughter was a baby. I love how they use them for baby headbands these days. So cute.