Friday, February 19, 2010

Hats Hats... oh Dear

That's right, it's time for some more flashback craft disasters!
Excessive use of bangles - penalty! 5 Skeins... Really, sequins do not make awkward wearables "elegant". And wig hats? Really? Or how about a shag rug Shriner's fez, too chic... (with pom poms!) And if you really love a silly hat, then an upside-down crocheted fruit bowl is going to be just your thing!

A fuzzy coaster strapped on to your head? Neither Pancakes nor buns are getting tied on to my head thank you very much. That hat has the distinction of being neither flattering, fashionable, nor functional, a waste of perfectly good yarn! (OK, 1960's acrylics are just barely in the category of perfectly good yarn, but the booklet was published by a wool yarn company!) And last but not least... You remember your very first hat? You weren't sure how to close up the top... so you didn't? Yeah, niether do I. But here is a pattern to show you how to create a hat fail! Tho, if you can manage the simple cable stitch then I think you can learn to decrease properly.

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Anonymous said...

The head sleeve is confusing. I thought the point in wearing a hat was to keep heat inside ur head.