Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm getting in the Holiday Spirit

Well that Holiday is sneaking up. We're making cookies, we're puzzling over what to get the teenagers on our list, we're drinking eggnog in the traditional manner (with rum that is). So I decided to waste some time on Etsy and make a blog post, whet better thing to do during the busy Christmas season?

First, a reminder that I really have to keep working on my Christmas knitting! (just one more quest, I promise, I'm almost a level 71...) This awesome art yarn from AuthenticFiction has all the best. Merino? check. Felt flowers? check. Sparkles? check. It's a Christmas party in a skein...

how about some art as a reminder that red and green weren't pulled out of no where. They are seasonal colors because of the bright reds that are left over from fall in berries and leaves. These red maples from TwoDogGardens remind me of Christmas in Tokyo last year, with bright red maple still hanging on.

Now red and green doesn't have to be just a seasonal thing. These earrings from MarjorieWells could accessorize a holiday outfit, and be worn the rest of the year too! Peridot is a favorite gem of mine so I know I have plenty of clothes to match this green...

Not all of us can pull off a plaid skirt... (I know I can't) but all of us can carry a cute little bag made from a plaid skirt! SandBagsDesigns created an upcycled tote in Christmas colors so you can put some green and red in any outfit.

How about something a little bit crafty? Like some sweet little crocheted flowers ready to be stuck/sewed on to your next project? CraneCrochet makes some awesome little items, perfect for adding some flair to an item. Also perfect if you are like me and have not yet figured out crochet patterns :p

You're running out of time to order things online for the Holidays, but you can still pick up some sweet stuff for year round, or just get a jump on next year ^.^

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