Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Handmade Awesomeness!

This weekends show was super! I had a very nice space (check out that pottery display, that was built in to the wall!) and hung out my finest. I sold lots of stuff, I'm awefully short on yarn now, and I sold the Rocket teapot and all four rocket cups. (Now someone else can worry about them breaking...)
There were tons of people! People lined up out side more than an hour ahead of the start time trying to nab swag bags full of awesome stuff.
And the 60 crafters were laid out in three, count them three, rooms of awesome handmade goodness. Big thanks to Fancy Tiger and the Denver Handmade Alliance for putting together such a great show!


Lenox Knits said...

Sounds like a great show. Anytime people are waiting in line to shop for handmade it puts a smile on my face.

Lani Robertson said...

it was an awesome show...i did really well too! so glad to hear that you were busy too! :)

lani :)