Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas, A Little Late but Still Sweet.

After a few days of delay we had a big Christmas with the boys family. Lots of gifts around the tree and the whole she-bang. I almost finished the Sweater in time, with just the front pocket not done. After a big meal we all got out computers out and had a mini LAN-esque party...
That's right, all of us are avid WOW players so we got together and all made new characters together and played as a group. This is what family together time looks like in their household! (And yes those are all Macs, this is a Mac house just like mine...)


Sharkeysday said...

Oh how funny! Crafty and a Wow player - we're all on Ysera server - and we have LAN parties regularly - all of us have kids that get together and play while we play Wow!
Fun to hook up with another crafty gamer (funny how many of us are out there!) AND in Denver! (grin!)

Pink said...

The best part is it was Mom who got us all playing, she's the GM of the family guild even!