Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nan Desu Kan 2009

I went to my first Anime Convention yesterday, the fabulous Nan Desu Kan! I decided to go on short notice, so I didn't have a real costume. I pulled out the fabulous kimono I got at Toji temple in Kyoto, I hadn't had an excuse to wear it before! Why am I smiling like an ├╝ber-dork? Because I'm having a great time! We met up with the boys family and good times were had by all...

Any one who thinks craft is dead, has never met a cos-player. There is nothing simple nor storebought about this amazing pieces. A life size (like 7 1/2 foot tall) Tauren and... well I don't know who that other guy is, but it's awseome. Time, dedication, and the willingness to wear a really hot costume to a public place and pose for photos.

Some went for the very authentic and simple fare, well done and sleek.
Others chose more elaborate characters, no less classy mind you. I don't know who these folks came as either, in fact I reconized like 25% of the costumes, I'm not an anime addict. Not that the outfits were less interesting because I didn't recognize them!

Even the littlest got into it! Isn't she like the cutest thing in the world! Having cool crafty parents is so great. Start 'em young and who knows what they'll do when they've gotten old enough to drive themselves! I hope she's learning about the sewing machine as well as the anime...

Wierdos abound, I have no idea what's going on, but the Boba Fett guy had Captain America's shield... And poor Deadpool... who knows?

Then there are the group costumes... Link in many forms! Notice that black link does what black link does best... meld into the shadows! Good for adventuring, not for photos. I am considering the epic knitting challenge from the Zelda group on Ravelry, an entire link cosplay outfit, knit, and handspun for that rustic realism.

Or I could try to make some change...

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