Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A little Political

It's back to school season, but the political madness goes on... So some people are concerned about the President addressing the nations school children, fears of indoctrinization to a "radical far left agenda".

Firstly, the crazies who are making these claims are often the same people who just a scant few years ago chided us for being "un-patriotic" and questioning the administration. We bad mouthed the President, you have the right to bad mouth the President, but let's stick to things that are truly issues. Debate health care, debate the bail out (Bush started it, Obama is just keeping the momentum) debate education policy if you will! Study hard and work to get ahead is not, or should not be, a controversial topic. Republicans, I love you guys, really. Now make the nutball talk boxes of the neo-con stop claiming to speak for you. Take the party back, please!

Secondly, Obama is not a Socialist. Ask the socialist party, he's not a member. And he failed to give us universial state-run health care, the socialist are dissipointed. Furthermore, what's wrong with socialism anyway? Is this a democracy? Can I not create a political party to further my vision of what is best for a nation reguardless of weather or not the party agrees with capitalism? Why, after all these years is communism such a dirty word? (yeah we know, it didn't really work out, that's irrelevent) Is the cold war over yet?

Thank you, and now back to our regularily schedualed craftyness...

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