Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School

Well it's that time of year again, the dreaded march back to school. And I'm a little nuts, so I'm taking six classes for a total of 12 straight hours of school time, two days a week. Sorry if I don't update the blog a whole lot! 

This also means that it's time for back to school shopping. At my age that isn't too exciting, but book bags and pencil cases are still a must...

What options do we have? Let's have a little look around etsy! Since we're all crafty here, how about a pencil for your pencils? AJollyShop has this lovely pattern for pencil hiding pencils. Best part? Make one in every color to match any possible outfit. Nothing is more stylish than matching your school accessories. 

Since I'm a little OCD my best option would be a case like this one from UrbanCrunch. For those who need need need organization in their life. For more than color in fact, who doesn't want the hb's far from the h6s? In colorful floral print no less, a win-win operation!

Yaarrgh matey, need a writing implement? As usual I have to include a recycled option, and this one has pirates. Can't go wrong with pirates! Trashbaggs' upcycled plastic case includes a loop for carry and 100% cheddar free interior.

Or for you book worms, how about this DAAAAAW little pouch? Super kawaii! Kukubees's custom fabric design makes a perfect place to hold your little sundries, books not included.

Need a bookbag for your school days? Check out my etsy shop and see all the roomy sturdy fashionable totes available for your school day pleasure! I am spoiled to be able to carry a new bag every day, treat yourself (or the student in your life) to a new bag for the semester. It will last for semesters to come!

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Urban Crunch said...

Thanks again for the love!! My colored pencil roll sold today! Time to relist.