Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to the Sewing Room!

Well, by room I mean closet, like 3'x4' space where one should hang coats. Truthfully I rather like it, this apartments sewing closet came with a set of shelves that have proved invaluable and I have taken to hanging straps and such over the hanger bar. I even found a really cool item, clothes pins with a hanger hook growing out of them. they help me to not bury pockets straps and other small pieces.
That sewing machine in the Lean Green Bernina! Sutibly vintage (1950's) and quite a work horse. Having said that, just after these pictures were taken it seized up and had to be taken to the shop >.< The upside being that now I have time for a blog post! The machine has a variety of decorative stitches as well, and I love to open the top and watch the little wheels go around. I have no idea how they work, but they're cool!
Above the hanger bar are many more boxes of clothes and my yarn stash. I also have crates and bags full of scraps ribbons and general detritus. Oh, and yes, I am sitting on two stacked milk crates. Afro-engineering at it's finest! Not to mention, a real chair wouldn't fit in here!
Final pic is Dante, the critter responsible for the purchase of lint rollers around here. He has, as you can see, found the black fabric because he is a white cat. What a jerk.

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