Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finds - Winter Ice

Winter has hit Colorado hard, and even after a respite from sub-zero temperatures it still seems unlikely to disappear soon. Why fight it? Fill up the tea pot, pull out the knitting, gaze thru frosted windows onto snowy streets and grey skies. Relish each chill morning, you will be missing them come July...

Photo by SpiritHelpers

Settle in with a nice delicate cuppa, from CenterCeramics.

Get a warm project going with a snowy flair - Ice Queen yarn from Folktale

If you do fancy savoring the ice, this set from OrioleStudio captures the feel of frozen evergreens on a frigid February day.

If you wish to brave the chill, dress for it! This little portable ice will bring winter flare to any outfit. Made by Chymiera

Whatever the weather, remember to enjoy each season for what it brings, even if that is ice and snow! How are you keeping warm?

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Tammie Lee said...

such a lovely collection!

thank you for including my snowflake.
thank you also for letting me know.

Lovely week to you!