Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Green Lands

 I've been in Ireland the last few days, I'll be here for two weeks exploring the Burren country and learning about local plants. Here's some photos of the lovely landscape.

A Burren, or large limestone bluff. The stones are paving the valley, and they've been used to build long low walls and old buildings.

We went to visit an old church with a sacred well. The natural spring site has had a stone well built next to it, people have left tokens for luck and healing tied to a hazel tree. The site is attributed to St. Coleman, an important figure in Irish history. The area also has a wee fairy cave and lots of lovely hazel woods!
 A sacred well near the town of Kinvarra, notice the cloth bits tied to the tree.
 Here's the well at Kinvarra, it hasn't been used for water in some time so it's full of algae and watercress.
 An old house minus the roof. The blocks were neatly quarried and carefully fitted.
 Dunguaire Castle in the bay, it's very small inside, so it was likely used as a lookout for the coast.
Creating bike culture in the Galway region! Lots of the signs dot the roads, but they are narrow and winding. We will be touring on bicycle next week.

It's an enchanting countryside with lush greens and beautiful seascapes! I'll be posting about Ireland for the next few weeks.

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