Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finds - Equinox Color

I always feel like this time of year marks an odd shift. For just a moment, before the earth returns to rich tones and muted colors, everything gets a little brighter. The yellow of early changing leaves shine in that warm light of September afternoons. 
Autumn landscape photography art print -  Yellow fall foliage rustic harvest large print free shipping
Photo by JennDiGuglielmo.
The sun falls directly down the streets as it sets, the equinox lining it up with our neatly planned east-west streets. Is it any wonder that our ancestors loved to arrange things on a celestial grid? 
The bright green of summer fields makes the yellows pop even more, and the last waves of wildflowers dance in the cooler air.
Yellow Fall Flower Brooch Set
Brightly colored Brooch from NormaJeansCloset.
 As it gets colder I get to pull out all the warm fuzzies that have been neglected for most of the summer. And I get started on new pieces for the winter. It's great tea weather, which makes great crafting weather. And the colors outside inspire more warm fuzzies. 
Hand Crocheted Fingerless Gloves Mittens - Fingerless Gloves in Marigold Mustard Yellow Fall Fashion
Mitts by PixieBell.
yellow fall : BFL fingering weight
Yarn dyed by 19 Projects.
And of course with the harvest time, there is plenty to do in the kitchen. The bounty of the season makes for wonderful meals, shared in the last golden light of the day.
Joel Dewberry yellow fall trees/raspberry flowers reversible half apron - women's  - yellow, cream, brown
Fantastic tree apron from WalkervilleTextiles.

As the wheel of the year turns each season has it's own delights. I, for one, relish the bright colors and soft light of September. What is your favorite feature of the Equinox time?

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Absolutely Fabulous!! ~ Colors and sentiments!