Friday, July 19, 2013

Finds - A Victorian Tea

Don't let the summer's heat fool you, it is never a bad time for hot tea! Find a shady veranda with a cool afternoon breeze, and pull out your scones!
 Tea for Two french revolutionary steampunk illustration mini print
Like this fine lady, waiting for a duel. From TheGorgonist

 First one will need a suitable teapot, this one from Industrial Safari  is just the thing!
Magnificent VICTORIAN TEA COZY Cosy Gold Threaded Petit Point Embroidery 1800's
 OnceUpnTym Offers this lovely gold thread cozy, just the thing to keep your tea brewing right. 

Antique TV Limoges France chocolate cup, vintage French porcelain tea cup and saucer set, Victorian tea set, green tea cup set
ShoponSherman - One must have just the right tea cup of course.

And these fine wrist adornments will accessorize the tea-going lady with class! Made by BionicUnicorn 

Let us not forget the brew itself, I'm rather fond of this Requiem from DryadTea, spicy and mysterious! 

Don't forget a fan and a proper assortment of wee treats, it's tea time!

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