Monday, January 14, 2013

Squared Up

 I'm certain that everyone who has ever met me knows I knit, usually in front of them in fact. What's worse than forgetting to bring your knitting with you? But I also know crochet. That is, I knew exactly two stitches - chain, and single crochet.

I just joined a year-long crochet afghan class, and already doubled by repertoire of crochet skills! Each month we will be learning a new square, and then sewing them together to make a mixed blanket. It's like a sampler that keeps you warm!

I bought all the yarns already - 10 different shades of green. After all my years of art classes and yarn dying the safest color combo for me is still to not combo at all ...

You locals can still join the class if you want to dedicate yourself to a year-long project (they may be offering the classes month by month also, for those of you who are afraid of commitment.) Check it out at Fancy Tiger.

Are you expanding your craft in the new year?


Sheila said...

Sure am! I recently purchased a secondhand spinning wheel. I have done a strand or three of yarn on it, but I hope to expand my skills considerably this year :)

And there's nothing wrong with green and green and green. It's pretty!

Pink said...

Oh man, spinning has been such an absorbing craft for me, it's sooo relaxing!