Friday, January 4, 2013

Finds - A Touch of Color.

This time of year it's a little gray and faded outside. The world is sleeping, the plants are dormant, the sun light is even a little pale. To combat the urge to hibernate (sadly in this modern world we can't just stop doing everything in the winter.) I like to keep a few touches of bright rich colors in my life. Here's some brilliant red goods from around Denver...

Send a bright greeting with cards from IdeaChic.
Add some color to the decor of your rooms, throw pillow by SvetaStyle
Or, if you wanted a wild and whimsical touch check out these mushrooms from FeltLikeIt. (Who also, incedently, made me some amazingly cute vegetable ornaments!)
Take some color with you wherever you go, to share the love! Wallet by SnapDragonStyle.
Put a touch of color on your body to really wake up the winter doldrums, from WinterGardenStudios.
Start a new project with some exciting yarns, handspun by WildAboutKnit.
If you need a cuddly buddy to help survive the harsh weather, how about this adoreable friend made by WarmPersonality?

I love the winter snows, but I need some splashes o brightness to make it through the dark time of the year. What do you do to add cheer to your home in the winter?

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