Friday, August 31, 2012

Finished Shawls

I'm back in the States again, but I have photos from Iceland and Norway to fill a dozen more blog post. Here's something from my everyday life instead, three projects I finished before I left and just got the time to block.

 This shawl is a local yarn from Glenwood Springs in a yummy mustard yellow, I used a pattern from Fickle Knitter that was simple and quick (I did most of this while driving to North Dakota for a bike ride.) The lace seems to have disappeared because of my insanely tight knitting, if I make this pattern again I will bump up the needle size even more.

 I also completed the Fancy Tiger Knit-a-long project, a Maenad in bright ass colors! It was a perfect use of my Noro stash, as the slow striping worked well with the very long rows. The lace trim was Malabrigo. I'm making another one, but once more I'm going to up the needle size to make up for my very tight guage.
And look at the wingspan on this thing! I blocked it on my four-seat couch and it still hung off the arms a little. The ends are great for tying and tossing over shoulders.
 This is a simple scarf made with a sinfully soft alpaca yarn from Mountain Knits in Driggs Idaho. The fiber was grown up there, then milled and dyed at a family joint in New Mexico. It's going to be a gift for someone (not sure who yet!).
 I've been back to sewing for my Etsy shop, and knitting away in school. My needles are hungry! I also need to work thru the ginormous bag of yarn I brought back from Iceland (it was cheap!) What have you finished lately? Is it too soon to be knitting winter treats or Yule-time gifts?

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