Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime Crafts

 I just completed a new set of alter clothes for my Grove, these ones are for summer! The springtime ones had flowers on them in bright colors, for these however I chose shades of green and tall stately trees.
 Ok, maybe not stately, they're a little psychedelic actually. The Water alter cloth is a nice teal with rain cloud and evergreen trees.

The Fire cloth is a bright chartreuse with some very Suessical trees under a blazing sun. It was surprisingly fun to sew these funky little trees!
 I also did some yard work today, with an ulterior motive naturally. The Ash in my yard sprouts dozens of suckers each spring, and it was time to clear them away! So I got out the clippers and went to work.

But you don't think I sent them straight to the compost did ya?
 I lay out all the supple branches, and picked out my favorite for a little decorative project. Add one roll of twine and some time on the front porch, force it around into a loop, and twist it tight!

Most Norse legends tell us that the World Tree Ygdrassil that holds up the realms and supports the sky is an Ash. So Ash is thought to have magical and healing properties!

Who says wreaths are just for Yule? I have a cheery solstice wreath for my door! What have you all been making?

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Engineer&TheGypsy said...

Beautiful alter cloths and wreath! My body can't deal with today's heat or I would have been out doing the same (I like to use the cuttings from the apple tree) :-)