Friday, June 8, 2012

Finds - Horned Gods

So we have come again to the time of year when we honor our male sires - Father's Day. Now I could make a post full of ties and funny shirts, but I decided to honor a cosmic father.

The Horned god is often portrayed as a counter-part to the Goddess, a wild and masculine energy.  I myself enjoy the image of Cerunnos, God of the wilds, a fearsome and mighty force. Print by EmilyBalivet of the virile young God enjoying the "fruits" of the forest and bringing growth and fertility to the wild world.

Perhaps for your next forest jaunt you wish the channel the spirit of Cerunnos? Pair this gorgeous and elaborate mask with a long robe, or maybe wearing nothing at all... Mask by BronzeSmith just perfect for rituals and Renaissance Fests.

Raise a toast to your father, a wild father, or a universal father with this fine stag glass from DancersGrove. I've yet to meet a father (cosmic of otherwise) who doesn't appreciate a fine drink from time to time, so don't skimp this Father's Day with either!

If you are into divination you surely have a number of rune sets, but how about channeling the Wild Hunt? If you can get to Europe and hunt your own red deer for the antlers - great! If not TheGreenWolf has some ready for you, just waiting for the alphabet of your choice. And a custom bag for them too, how cool is that? Way better gift than a tie.

The theme of a wild Horned God is seen in many cultures and times, many an ancient people drew and sculpted a woodland God with horns. They feared and respected the open untamed woods, and the powers that grew there. Hand painted plaque from TeresaCarey with Pan in his woodland surroundings.

I hope you all enjoy a fine Father's day, perhaps even visiting a wild forest to enjoy the space of Cerunnos the Horned God.

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