Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tree Necklace

I've been on a tree kick for a while now, carrying a little nature with me everywhere. My great inspiration has been trees, my favorite finds as well. A friend gave me a tree pendant for my birthday in the fall, I've worn it so much already that the cord is getting thin. I'd been looking to expand my collection of trees. My search has yielded ones that are too big, too heavy, too small, not interesting and then... perfect! But oh, so so expensive.

So the next step for this Craft Bitch is always to just make the damn thing myself. I dug out the bead box and the wire. This is why we can never get rid of supplies, we might need them someday! I shaped the big ring around a spool of thread and started twisting beads on with a very fine wire.
Seed beads are really tiny, word to the wise. I continued my seasonal theme (never too much of a good thing, right?) and made sections of branches with different colors. Spring is the pale buds and pink and lavender flowers. Summer is shimmering green. Autumn a flush of bright reds and yellows.

And winter is the plain silver wires as bare branches. It's always fun to step away from our favorite and most skillful crafts and do some experimenting. My respect for jewelers is reaffirmed, and my desire to shop for more beads has returned as well! I am tempted to make more of these, and perhaps in different colors for different outfits. (Even druids have fashion sense after all).

How have you pushed yourself into new forms of creativity?

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Victoria T said...

Beautiful three pendent. I love how you represented all four seasons. So pretty.