Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eggnog is the Best Nog

We all have favorite seasonal treats, phefferneusse or pumpkin cookies, latkes, and many people wait impatiently for eggnog. But the store bought stuff barely whets my appetite, I like to splurge on some homemade nog, the boozy kind of course!

It's a simple mix, egg, cream, booze (I like scotch, but there is something to be said for rum, whiskey and brandy.)something to sweeten and a little bit of nutmeg.

Separate the egg, multiple batches can be made but they need to be drank soon after completing them, I drop the yolk directly into the drink glass because I dislike washing dishes. Beat the egg white until white and frothy. (If you're feeling strong whip it up to stiff peaks...)
Add a shot of cream and a shot of booze (generous shots are best!) plus some sweetener and a dash of nutmeg. Mix it up thoroughly.

Add your exquisitely whipped (slightly frothy in my case, I'm lazy and want to get to the drinking! ) egg whites to the yolk, stir in a good bit and sprinkle some more nutmeg. Kick up your feet and don't count calories. If it's a little thick (or you slipped with the booze) add some milk until it's as smooth as you like.
What's your favorite winter beverage?

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Joy said...

Eggnog is my favorite too! I spent last Christmas in the UK, where it's a rare creature. I made some according to a recipe, but I think I like your single-serving method much better! I'll have to try it next time I have a craving.