Friday, June 11, 2010

We be Stashin'

Estate Sale score!!
Mom and I went to a sale in a home rumored to be the abode of a former yarn shop owner, and we were not disappointed. Tons of vintage yarns, all sorts, and all in original bags and boxes with sets of 10 and 12 skeins intact! (Moth free to boot!) I picked up quite a pile, and in fact had to pass over the boxes of fabric since I was full up.
There were mostly older yarns, but this little gem is five skeins of koigu sock - lusciously soft and fabulously colored. It was in with bags of WIPs - ugly holiday sweaters and licensed character baby blankets... a glimmer of good taste in a sea of unfortunate crafts.

There were oodles of mohair blends, and much of what I got was mohair/angora or baby camel. Including 24 skeins of fuchsia bouclé - Mohair sweater here I come! Super fluffy and fuzzy, I'm happy to see it's bounced back after being stuffed away for many years!

Much of the rest was acrylics and such, but I did get this great sparkly wool blend just perfect for me (single ply, natural fibers, medium weight, glitter...) So now I have started growing a "real" stash with large-project quantities of yarns, in in 70 years I'm sure my estate will look like this one :p

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