Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Moved In Yay!

Can I lay down now? I finally got everything out of the old apartment, cleaned every inch of it, and started unpacking at my new house! I now have a craft room with space to stack all my fabrics on shelves instead of stuffed into boxes, and the spinning wheel doesn't have to be in the living room corner.
I have a real cutting table, and I'm no longer confined to a closet! (Mixed blessing, the big window lets me see what a nice day it is outside.) Hopefully this will help productivity, especially as this house stays nice and cool all summer.
I got first pick of the bedrooms naturally, so I picked the 50s den, complete with shag carpet, faux wood paneling and even a fireplace! (It's gas, don't let the decorative fire tools fool ya.) All I need now is a vintage recliner, a smoking jacket and a regal looking dog...

The garden work also continues apace, with tomatoes peppers and eggplant in the ground and looking happy. Every day I discover something else that needs to be done, like turning on the sprinklers and discovering there was one covered by the compost pile... Don't let anyone fool you, having a house is lovely but it's also a lot of work! I hardly got a day to recuperate from moving before I was cleaning gutters and trimming bushes. Now to get the plumbing working :p

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