Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Finnish Air Force Museum

While on our journeys around Finland we had to swing by every military site we could find (Mr. Crafty is a Military Historian.) We stopped in at the Finnish Air Force Museum, which was filled to the brim with artifacts and machines.
The space was packed with old machines, some were very rare relics dating to the Finnish Civil War. Some were fully restored, some bore the marks of fighting, a few were just pieces dredged up from lakes.
For these planes all that remains in the impressively crafted wood propellers.
 In addition to the machines are a smattering of amusing models, wearing authentic uniforms, and engaging in presumably accurate activities.
 Like doodling at his radio post...
 These guys are my favorite, disseminating leaflets above Leningrad in their winter gear,
 Additionally, there were dozens of dioramas showing historic airfields and planes. Literally hundreds of miniature models were painted in every imaginable design and shapes. Most of the models and dioramas were actually from Japanese Model Clubs!

 Outside the exhibit continues. The newest machines were set out, only barely decommissioned.

Radar arrays from the Cold War also were set up with diagrams explaining their use in the lakelands of Finland.

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