Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Arctic Circle

After our time in Estonia we returned to Finland, and ventured into the wild north. A Ferry and an overnight train dropped us at the Arctic Circle, with clear waters and fresh air... and a million mosquitos.
Finland is truly lake country, in our driving down the length of it we spent most of the time in view of a body of water, or crossing over one. The hilly countrysides simply lift one up high enough to see farther, and spot more lakes.
 There were a number of small cabins and campsites, it seems the Finns enjoy this lovely nature as much as we did!
 And of course, the wild life! After eating a fair bit of Reindeer in Lappish cuisine we encountered this fellow jogging down the road. It seems that these guys are not as jumpy as the Mule Deer of Colorado, as the locals were willing to weave around them like slow moving vehicles.
 We tried not to be too distracted by stopping at every lovely site, as we were headed to the Bronze Age! (That'll be the next post, gentle readers.)

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