Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kickstarter - Almost there!

 Readers, as many of you know I have spent the last year launching and updating a webcomic - Root & Branch. (Click the link and go read it!)

It follows the story of a young Elf setting out on a journey of discovery to fulfill a secret quest. Last year I completed 116 pages of story, and it's ready to publish in print!

This means that it includes not only the same story pages from the Website, but also extra art for chapter covers. Not to mention the book cover!

We're about 80% funded (woohoo!) and with only six days to get that last fifth we need your help! In fact, I've created a Stretch Goal to encourage folks - Adult Coloring Pages. That's right, if we can not only meet the $2000 goal but shatter it and reach $3000 then all the backers will get coloring pages added to their rewards!
 There's other neat rewards available, besides the book (which is going to be AWESOME!) One could get lovely art prints, a cameo appearance in the story, or even a hand sewn tabard!
 If you cannot back the project (Click that linky right there,) please share with folks you know! Together we can make this thing!

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