Thursday, December 24, 2015

D&D Character Portraits.

Recently, as practice for doing commissions, I've been doing character portraits for all of the players in our group. Here's the first batch.
 Darla Stonebottom (Perhaps not her given name?) is a roguish dwarf with a sassy disposition. There is not a pocket she has not picked. But, it's mostly curiosity, and she always leaves something behind in exchange... it may of may not be of equal value, though.
 Lyrile of the Woodland realms. Don't let the sickle scare you, she's just gathering herbs! Our kind hearted Druid will lend a helping hand to any and everyone who passes, no matter how small or large the matter. But if you harm her Dire Badger she will destroy you.
Clavius, the apprentice. His master is kind of like Trump, but less evil. He's just a worldly, well educated sorcerer, who has a strange affection for skulls. Nothing evil going on here, carry on...
Urk Durk, a mighty barbarian with Orcish blood. (In him, there's a lot of different bloods on him.) To understand him -

While I was talking to him about his character we go this little gem - 
“So he’s got pale skin, red eyes, long hair…”
“Long hair? Are you sure? I recall something…”
“Oh right! You guys held me down and shaved my head after I got covered in rotten exploded purple worm goo. Since I smelled so bad.”

Which is more or less his character in a nutshell. Orcs.

As I work through all our party I will share more of our PCs. Assuming we all survive long enough to get drawn...

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