Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scandinavian Travels - Viljandi Castle

As part of our field trip during Craft Camp we went to Viljandi - Home to the Culture Academy with Native Craft departments.. Also, site of a super cool castle ruins!

The town was settled in the 5th century, and the first stronghold built by the 12th, captured by Livonians, Germans, Russians, Estonians, Danes etc. throughout the years. Each owner built it larger, and rings of moats surround the central square.

The largest remaining wall serves as an amphitheater backdrop for performances.

The entire site overlooks a calm meandering river.

The castle passed out of usefulness and was left to ruin, with many wall torn down for their stones. The church near the gates, however, is still in use.
It was a windy, but rather nice, day for us in Viljandi, and not a bad spot to go to school! (Wink-wink.)


Stephanie Huff said...

Oh man I am so glad you updated! I missed new crafty things and pictures of awesome foreign stuff. I was expecting an Autumn Equinox update of how they celebrated it over where you are but I know you are crazy busy. Enjoy your trip and upload lots of pictures, I love to see all the cool stuff!

Pink said...

THank you! I should be doing more seasonal posts as well, but I have so many trip posts to catch up on...