Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Old Towne Tallinn, Estonia - Mindfully Medieval!

We arrived in Tallinn on the Ferry, and a short walk later arrived at our guest house on the main square of Old Town! In 1050 a fortress was built here, and over the next few centuries a progression of castles, fortress walls, churches, and grand buildings were constructed on this hill overlooking the Gulf of Finland.
Street merchants in the shadow of a medieval wall.

Ornate buildings, both old and new, are the norm in Tallinn.

The view of the parliament buildings and Premiere's house from outside the walls. That red glow is from the slowly setting sun right after Midsummer.

Much of the old moats remain, and are now a band of parks around the center of town.

No biggy, just some huge medieval castle towers. It looks like people might live there...? Also, all this photos are taken after 10:30 at night. It never really got very dark.

Orthodox church from the Russian years. Since it was first a town, Tallinn has been run by Danes, Germans, Russians, and only in recent years, the Estonians themselves. It still has a huge Russian population, many of whom reject Estonian citizenship.

The full moon over the lively town square. Almost Midnight, and the sky isn't quite dark! What a lovely spot!

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