Monday, May 25, 2015

My Webcomic Project!

Have you been wondering, gentle readers, why I have been making less crafty stuff as of late? Since the first of the year I've been working on a webcomic, with the goal of finishing a sheet of artwork every three days. Each page is storyboarded, drawn, inked, and colored by hand. I then hand it off to my good friend for a little digital clean-up and lettering.

The Comic is now in full swing and publishing two days a week! I'm hoping, if I can maintain a good pace and still do quality work, to go to three days a week after I return from my trip. Please go check it out Root & Branch, bookmark it, and come back regularly. I've also been sharing my working sketches and progress pics at my Sketchbook Tumblr. Don't worry, I'll still be making fiber and fabric things, it's in my nature...

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