Thursday, March 26, 2015

Finds - Anomalous

I am preparing, once again, to enter the strange  strange world of Anomaly Con! Each year the costumes get better, the mustache contest gets wilder, and there are more and more great panels. (Anthropology of Mythical Monsters, anyone?)

In honor of another fantastic year, here's Mme. Vonklank's Top Six Anomalies.

An ACEO, the modern carte-de-visite, by AlteredHead 
A magnificent image of Annie Jones and her lovely beard, reproduced by FringePop
A wee cephalopodic friend, jarred with care by TinplateStudios
A visit from Madam Spirit, practitioner of occult arts, image by DecayedPixels
A sweet little anomaly, made by AnomalyJewelry. 
The sixth Anomaly? It is the fact that only these Five Anomalies exist. I hope to see some of my local steampunk friends this weekend! To the Con we go...

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