Friday, October 18, 2013

Spinzilla - It's a Monster!

This year marks the first annual Spinzilla competition to benefit TNNA's expansion into spinning and other fiber arts. Teams of up to 25 spun for an entire week to see who could produce the most finished yardage. I'm ashamed to say that with the preparation for my trip I only managed 1700 yards, but that used almost half a Lincoln fleece! I'll be dying it soon, perhaps with some yummy natural plant dyes...

But my contribution was not in vain, Team Fancy Tiger took home the Golden Niddy Noddy! That is a rather impressive sum of yarn... I really liked getting that push to do some spinning, a dedicated spinning week helped me get back on the wheel!

And our MVS (Most Valuble Spinner) was Laura, who did OVER 9000 (I just love to say that...) and got herself this cute little Rumpelstiltskin award. That's a lot of fiber moved from the spinning stash into the knitting stash. Handspun doesn't increase your stash tho right? Or is that sock yarn...

Did any of you take part in Spinzilla? What is your favorite thing to make with handspun yarn?

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