Saturday, July 28, 2012

Etsy finds - Lammas Harvest

The seasons are pushing on so quickly, didn't we just have spring? It's been very hot here tho, and the summer's veggie harvest is in full swing. Today my Grove is celebrating Lammas, a time to remember the hard work of preparing fields for planting, and to enjoy first harvest.  Let's gather in joy and share the first sheaves of wheat together!

This wonderful piece of artwork is from ThomasPhilbrook, such great colors!
Lughnasadh is another name for this festival, honoring the Celtic god Lugh. Here is his mighty spear shaped into a pendant by HoodedCrowCrafts

Legend tells us that Lugh ordered the celebration of the harvest to commemorate his foster mother Tailtiu who cleared the land for planting. This lovely wheat wreath is from PositivelyPagan.
In this modern world we often forget about the efforts of everyone who works hard to keep us fed. Take a moment to reflect on the amazing journey that energy takes to get from the sun to your tabletop. Cross-stitch pattern from BlueMoonEnterprises
So, light a candle to honor the sun, and be sure to thank Mother Earth for her bounties. Colorful harvest candles from MagickalCupboard.

What do you do to celebrate the bountiful summer months?

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