Saturday, November 27, 2010

Persimmon Season

My favorite sweet treat this time of year is not a pecan pie, it's a persimmon. The exotic flavor fits the time of year, but almost as good as eating them is seeing them! That rich rusty orange red is fitting for a season when things are getting pale. Celebrate it with a silk scarf from MuseSilkPaintings - faboo tones that will awaken any outfit!
If you can't stand the thought of seasonality, get some permanent Persimmons. Woolhaus could in fact outfit your home and/or children with a cornucopia of felt foods, tho if you try eating them you'll get that fuzzy mouth effect... like eating a persimmon that's not quite ripe! Best to let the little ones play with these and save the real ones for eating.

As for function and form meeting nicely, a little multi-purpose bowl in bright persimmon orange just waiting to hold jewelry on your dresser, or candy on your coffee table. TactileQuality has bowls that are needle and wet felted with color accents and that nice palm fitting shape. If only one could eat out of them...

A splash of fall color, rusty persimmon orange and autumn leaves folded carefully into this amazing kanzashii! The joy of these hair pieces is they can be dressy or simple, the most flashy accessory you have or just another fabulous part of a bold outfit. Petalmix makes a variety of beautiful flowers in the traditional Japanese style with a modern flair for color.

PilgrimsBreakfast captures the deep colors and shine of ripe fruits in this petite canvas. The brilliant tones could match or contrast your decor, and make your hungry at the same time! Every household after all needs a little more original art..

Or lastly, some juicy persimmon goodness, suitable for keeping long past the season. BovineBubbles created this persimmon jam, with the same luscious orange color as the fruit - pretty enough to store outside of your cabinets until you break into the jelly goodness!


Angel Ray said...

Very creative and oh so sweet! Thank you for featuring my Toasted Persimmon, hand painted scarf and Happy Holidays to you :)

aubepine said...

Gorgeous colors! I love the silk scarf!

Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash LTD said...

Wonderful. Persimmons are such pretty little things. THank you for featuring our jam!

marissa said...

Beautiful collection! Thank you for including my painting :) I'm so happy to see persimmons celebrated!

withrigor said...

Thank you so much for including my felted bowl. I do dream of persimmons, that jam looked wonderful!